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Reviewed: Flaming Moe’s by Kidrobot (2018)

A few months ago Moe Szyslak, the grumpy, doleful — and occasionally suicidal — owner of Homer Simpson’s favourite watering hole, Moe’s Tavern, received the coveted Kidrobot oversized toy treatment. Finally, something even he can be happy about. Continue reading Reviewed: Flaming Moe’s by Kidrobot (2018)

Topps Krazy Little Comics (1967)


In the mid-1960’s bubblegum giant Topps attempted to capitalise on the popularity of superhero comics with a range of gifts that would feature humorous parodies of some of the industry’s most popular characters. But rather than cashing-in on the new boom in superhero comics they instead learned an expensive lesson in legal due diligence.

Continue reading Topps Krazy Little Comics (1967)

Kidrobot’s Day of the Dead Homer

 Day of the Dead Homer, with box

Kidrobot have been releasing vinyl toys based on characters from The Simpsons for over six years now, in both three-inch (sold in blind boxes) and limited edition six-inch versions. Their choice of which character receives the oversized treatment has always been a little eccentric (their Homer Buddha for example) but Day of the Dead Homer surely takes the biscuit, or churro if you’d prefer. Continue reading Kidrobot’s Day of the Dead Homer