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Marvel Comics Mini-books (1966)

By the mid-Sixties comic book giant Marvel had gained a reputation for publishing titles that featured larger-than-life-superheroes. But in 1966 the company went in another direction, and published six comics that were anything but large.
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Marvel Comics Super Heroes stamps (2007)

Marvel Comics Stamps 2007
Marvel Comics Stamps 2007

In the 55 years since their creation Marvel superheroes have appeared in every form of media and on a dizzying variety of products and merchandising. Apart from comics, they have appeared in books, cartoons, movies, board games, posters, trading cards as well as cereal packets, drinks cartoons, sweet wrappers, clothing, shoes — anything with a printed image really. But in 2007 ten of Marvel’s most popular characters made the move to true mainstream acceptance when they appeared on 20 official US Postal Service stamps.

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Marvel Comics Index, vols 8A, 8B, 9A and 9B (1978-82)

The Marvel Comics Index #9A, X-Men

Complied, written and edited by George Olshevsky the Marvel Comics Index was published between 1976 and 1982, and was the first attempt to catalogue and index Marvel Comics’ huge library of superhero titles. The original collection consisted of 12 volumes and Olshevsky created the Indexes utilising his vast collection of Marvel Comics. Here are the last four volumes in the collection, Indexes #8A, #8B, #8A and #8B. Continue reading Marvel Comics Index, vols 8A, 8B, 9A and 9B (1978-82)

Marvel Comics Index, vols 1, 2, 3 and 4 (1976-77)

The Marvel Comics Index #03, The Avengers, Defenders, and Captain Marvel

In the mid-1970’s George Olshevsky was probably one of the most envied comic book fans in the world, for he could lay claim to a unique boast: he was the only person to own every Marvel Comic ever published. Olshevsky utilised this vast collection by attempting to assemble the first complete catalogue of the company’s inventory, the Marvel Comics Index. Continue reading Marvel Comics Index, vols 1, 2, 3 and 4 (1976-77)