Kidrobot’s Zombie Bart

Kidrobot's Zombie Bart, with box

Released – or should I say unleashed – by Kidrobot in July 2013 this six and a half inch vinyl figure features a pallid and gruesome Zombie Bart Simpson. Now he truly is a little monster.

With bulging, bloodshot yellow eyes, sickly blue skin and a spoon dipped into his brain (delicious!) this oversized Zombie Bart toy is an almost exact replica of the three-inch version released by Kidrobot in 2010 as part of their second wave of blind-box toys based on The Simpsons.

Kidrobot's Zombie Barts
Twice the terror!

That second collection featured zombiefied versions of all five members of The Simpsons and those figures were collected into a box set, which I looked at earlier in the year (click here). Although those smaller toys all glowed in the dark this oversized version doesn’t – which is probably just as well as he would no doubt make me jump every time I walked into my office when the lights were out.

Kidrobot's Zombie Bart, all sides
Kidrobot’s Zombie Bart, all sides

Fans of Kidrobot’s other toys will immediately recognise both the high quality and chunky build of this figure. The paintwork on Zombie Bart’s bloodshot eyes is very well done as is the slime dripping  from his head. The toy ships with only one accessory, but it’s a good’ un: a brains-filled spoon that sits in a dip in his head. Like all Kidrobot’s oversized toys the figure shipped in a specifically illustrated cardboard box – it’s a suitable design but not quite on par with the fake noodle box that Homer Buddha shipped in, or the wonderfully illustrated box from their Day of the Dead Homer figure.

Kidrobot's Zombie Barts

Originally priced at around $/£35 when it was released just a year ago Zombie Bart will set you back double that today. I reckon the little monster is worth it though – the removable spoon filled with brains is worth the money alone.

Now, who at Kidrobot do I talk to about convincing them to release a six-inch version of Zombie Marge with that axe in her head…