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The Fantastic Four (1979)


The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee

In 1974 Fireside Books published a collection of reprinted stories featuring characters from Marvel Comics’ popular back catalogue of stories. Origins of Marvel Comics by Stan Lee, now widely considered to be the first trade paperback, was such a success that three more volumes followed between 1974 and 1977. With these four books began a fruitful collaboration between the two publishers that over the next five years saw the publication of a wide diversity of titles featuring Marvel characters including a second set of reprint books; The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee, published in 1979, is the fifth title of this second wave. Continue reading The Fantastic Four (1979)

Bring On The Bad Guys (1976)

Bring On The Bad Guys cover

Bring On The Bad Guys by Stan Lee

The third Marvel/Fireside Books team-up continued the best-selling formula established by the series’ previous entries, Origins of Marvel Comics and Sons of Origins of Marvel Comics, but this time with a twist. In Bring On The Bad Guys by Stan Lee it’s not Marvels Comics’ superheroes who grabbed the spotlight but rather their nemesis. Continue reading Bring On The Bad Guys (1976)