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50 Girls 50

50 Girls 50 front cover

Seattle publisher Fantagraphics are currently reprinting
EC’s hugely influential line of comics from the 1950’s –
this is the third volume in their EC Comics Library

50 Girls 50 and other stories
illustrated by Al Williamson

Between 1950 and 1956 EC Comics enjoyed an almost unparalleled run of success publishing a range of groundbreaking horror, science fiction, war and crime comics whose influence can still be felt to this day. Anthology titles like Tales from the Crypt, Weird Science, Two-Fisted Tales and Crime SuspenStories proved hugely popular and EC quickly gained a reputation as a publisher of top quality, entertaining comics. To help create such a diverse selection of titles publisher Bill Gaines and editor Al Feldstein called upon the capabilities of possibly the most diverse and talented collection of artists ever assembled in the industry. Concentrating on one artist per volume Fantagraphics are currently reprinting EC’s back catalogue with 50 Girls 50 showcasing the work of Al Williamson. Continue reading 50 Girls 50

Jack Davis: Boo!

Jack Davis – Boo!

As this website is almost a year old (our first anniversary is on the 23rd January), and as this is my 75th post, I think it’s only fitting that I mark the occasion with the help of cartoonist and comic book legend Jack Davis. Not only am I a great fan of his work but his 1952 Tales From The Crypt story provides the title for this site. Continue reading Jack Davis: Boo!

‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity!

'Tain't The Meat front cover

Seattle based publisher Fantagraphics are currently reprinting
EC’s hugely influential line of comics from the 1950’s –
this is the fourth volume in their EC Comics Library

‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity!
and other stories illustrated by Jack Davis

Fantagraphic’s EC Comics Library collection continues with ‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity! showcasing artist Jack Davis’ work from the comic publisher’s seminal 1950s horror anthology Tales From The Crypt. Continue reading ‘Tain’t The Meat… It’s The Humanity!

The Ten-Cent Plague by David Hajdu

The Ten-Cent Plague

Halfway through The Ten-Cent Plague, David Hadju’s excellent account of the American comic book witch-hunts of the 1950’s, there is an anecdote concerning Will Eisner, creator of the hugely influential The Spirit and one of the industry’s elder statesmen. Eisner was at a cocktail party in New York in 1953, and after spending a pleasant evening chatting with one of the other guests, the conversation turned to careers. When asked what he did for a living Eisner replied “I write comic books” whereupon the guest walked away in disgust. For Eisner it was just one more insult to his chosen profession and even though he had already scaled back his involvement in the industry, he turned his back on mainstream comics and wouldn’t return for almost 30 years. Sadly Eisner’s experience was by no means unique and illustrates the level of condescension and mistrust directed towards those who had chosen to work in the filed of comics. Continue reading The Ten-Cent Plague by David Hajdu

Corpse on the Imjin!

Corpse on the Imjin!Seattle based publisher Fantagraphics are currently reprinting EC’s hugely influential line of comics from the 1950’s. This is their first release…

Corpse on the Imjin! And other stories by Harvey Kurtzman

When I first heard that Fantagraphics had acquired the rights to the EC Comics archive I was initially a little wary. Over the last few decades there have been several attempts to reprint the EC library in various different formats culminating with Gemstone Publishings short lived plan to reprint all the comics in their entirety, with each hardback volume containing 6 entire issues. This reprint series, which would have included all the classic EC titles – including Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror and Weird Science amongst others – stalled after only a dozen or so releases. Continue reading Corpse on the Imjin!