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Chris Foss Trading Cards, #21-40 (1995)

Chris Foss Trading Cards packet

Published by FPG in 1995 Chris Foss Fantasy Art Trading Cards was a collection of 90 base cards and six chase cards that featured the work of the popular science fiction artist. This post showcases cards #21-40, while the first 20 cards can be found here.
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Paperback covers #8: Peter Elson’s Space Ranger series

Space Ranger by Isaac Asimov, artwork by Peter Elson

A series looking at some of my favourite book covers and cover artists.
#8 Peter Elson’s cover paintings for the Space Ranger series of novels by Isaac Asimov

Published between 1952 and 1958 Isaac Asimov’s Space Ranger novels featured the adventures of space pilot David Starr, or Lucky Starr as Asimov nicknamed him. Continue reading Paperback covers #8: Peter Elson’s Space Ranger series

Paperback covers #1: Chris Foss

The Stars Like Dust

The first in a series looking at some of my favourite book covers and cover artists, mostly taken from my own collection.

#1 Chris Foss’ covers for the Isaac Asimov novels published by Panther Science Fiction, circa late 1970’s.

It will probably come as no surprise to visitors to this site that as a child my main literary interest lay with comics. Marvel comics were my main staple but DC, 2000AD or any of the cartoon weeklies (Buster, Cheeky, Whizzer and Chips, etc) were all fair game. It’s hardly surprising that with such a diet of fantasy, adventure and heroics I then graduated to myths and legends – the greek and norse myths being particular favourites – and after that I made the natural progression to Science Fiction and Fantasy. I dipped my toe into some of the greats, Clarke, Bradbury etc, but found them all a little dry and I eventually settled on the John Christopher Tripods novels and early David Eddings, to name a few.  Continue reading Paperback covers #1: Chris Foss