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Rogue Trooper, Books 1-7 (Titan Books)

Rogue Trooper Book 2

In 1981 Titan Books began reprinting stories from 2000AD, the weekly British sci-fi comic. Fan-favourite Judge Dredd was the first to receive the reprint treatment and over the next decade other popular strips from ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ saw print, including seven volumes starring genetic infantryman Rogue Trooper.
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Strontium Dog, Titan Books (1987)

Strontium Dog

Beginning in 1981, and continuing throughout the rest of the decade, Titan Books published dozens of softcover collections featuring reprinted stories from 2000AD, the UK anthology science fiction comic. The series, the first to feature reprints from the weekly title, proved a hit with readers and so more characters began to star in their own reprint collections. It was inevitable then that strips starring fan-favourite Johnny Alpha, the Strontium Dog, would be given the reprint treatment.

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The Ro-Busters Disaster Squad, Books One and Two (1983)

The Ro-Busters Disaster Squad, Book One. Artwork by Dave Gibbons

Beginning in 1981 Titan Books began publishing collections featuring reprinted stories from weekly British science-fiction comic 2000AD. Starting with the title’s most popular character, future lawman Judge Dredd, Titan published dozens of soft cover collections that showcased some of the UK comic-book industry’s biggest creative talents. Continue reading The Ro-Busters Disaster Squad, Books One and Two (1983)

The Robo-Hunter Casebook, Books 1-4

The Robo-Hunter Casebook, Book 1. Artwork by Ian Gibson

A while back I posted an article extolling Titan Books’ 2000AD reprint series from the 1980’s. Beginning with The Chronicles of Judge Dredd in June 1981 these collections reprinted between 64 and 96 pages of material from weekly British science-fiction comic 2000AD. The books were a huge success and throughout the rest of the Eighties Titan released a further 39 volumes featuring the future lawman. To capitalise of the success of the Dredd books Titan also released dozens of volumes featuring reprints from other 2000AD strips, as well as those from daily newspapers, that showcased the work of some of the UK comic book industry’s biggest talents.

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