A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plates 21-29 (1999)

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, front

Here are the last batch of plates from the portfolio A Fall of Stardust, published in 1999. The set featured 29 full colour plates inspired by author Neil Gaiman’s and artist Charles Vess’ popular faerie novella Stardust.

The portfolio was published by Vess’s own Green Man Press and each plate measured 6.5 x 10 inches (the size of a comic book). The set also contained two prose chapbooks and shipped in an unnumbered fold-out cardboard wallet, which sold for $12.95.

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, Wellington
The cover to The Duke of Wellington Misplaces his Horse

The chapbooks were written by Gaiman and Susanna Clarke, author of the bestselling Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Clarke’s story, The Duke of Wellington Misplaces his Horse, ran to 8 black and white pages and featured illustrations and cover artwork by Vess. (I took a closer look at Gaiman’s chapbook in my second post on this portfolio, here).

A Fall of Stardust was released after Vess’s wife, Karen Shaffer, was involved in a serious car accident and was published to help raise money to pay for her medical bills. The portfolio included artwork from some great comic book artists and illustrators, including Michael Kaluta, Geoff Darrow, Brian Froud, french artist Mœbius and Vess himself. The inside of the cardboard wallet also featured a thank you note from Shaffer who happily recovered from the accident.

Although the standard edition of the portfolio featured 29 prints those lucky enough to order A Fall of Stardust directly from Green Man Press received a limited edition 30th plate by Mad magazine artist Sergio Aragonés. Sadly my set doesn’t include that print, but as the set contains 29 beautiful prints I’m not complaining.

So here are plates 21 to 29; plates 1-10 are here, and plates 11-20 are here). Enjoy…

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plate 21

Plate 21
Artwork by Gary Gianni

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plate 22

Plate 22
Artwork by Janine Johnston

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plate 23

Plate 23
Artwork by Stan Sakai


Plate 24
Artwork by Michael Kaluta


Plate 25
Artwork by Starwatcher Graphics (Mœbius), colour by Eric Olive

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plate 26

Plate 26
Artwork by Rebecca Guay

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plate 27

Plate 27
Artwork by Geoff Darrow, colour by Eric Olive


Plate 28
Artwork by Brian Froud

A Fall of Stardust Portfolio, plate 29

Plate 29
Artwork by Charles Vess