Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One, banner

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio, Set One (1981)

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One, cover

Time for another Marvel Comics portfolio from the early Eighties.

The Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One featured six 11 x 14in prints illustrated by some of Marvel’s best known artists and inkers – John Byrne, Frank Miller and Walt Simonson to name a few – and was published by SQP in 1981. The set followed the same basic format as SQP’s previous portfolios but with a couple of differences – these prints are reproduced in black and white and instead of being packaged in cellophane this portfolio shipped in a thick white envelope, similar to those used by professional photographers.

Although named after Marvel’s long-running series Marvel Team-Up, a monthly series that paired Spider-Man with another Marvel character, only two of the plates in this set are directly inspired by that title.

Here are the six plates, with annotations:

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One: Spider-Man versus Daredevil

Plate 1: Spider-Man versus Daredevil
By Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.
Inspired by Team-Up #25, September 1974.

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One: The Flames of Battle

Plate 2: The Flames of Battle
By John Byrne and Terry Austin.
Inspired by The Fantastic Four #73, April 1968.

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One: Green Death!

Plate 3: Green Death!
By Walt Simonson.
Inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man #14, July 1964.

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio: Set One, Heroes For Hire... Plus One!

Plate 4: Heroes For Hire… Plus One!
By Kerry Gammill and Bob McLeod.

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One: On the trail of the Lunatik

Plate 5: On the trail of the Lunatik
By Michael Golden.
Inspired by The Defenders #61, July 1987.

Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set One: Behold – D'Spayre!

Plate 6: Behold D’Spayre
By Brent Anderson.
Inspired by Team-Up #68, April 1978.

This set must have proved successful as it was followed by Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set Two a year later, which featured another six plates by some of Marvel’s most popular artists. I’ve looked at that set here.